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WATCH: Is this 1,090-acre enterprise your dream farm?

“One of the largest and most productive farmers ever offered for sale on the open market in Ireland”

VIDEO: Building a 200-cow dairy farm from scratch

This video captures the work the was undertaken from beginning to end.

VIDEO: Noone Agri

Noone Agri raking, baling and stacking with their 3 Fendts.

VIDEO: Attempting to shear 10,000 sheep in 2 months

1 sheep shearer, 10,000 sheep, 2 months

VIDEO: 114-acre residential farm with entitlements for sale

The property has extensive road frontage, according to the selling agent.

VIDEO: A day in the life: Anna Truesdale

"It feels like today has been going seventeen different directions all at once," - Anna Truesdale

VIDEO: Collecting up to 3 bales

This allows for various handling strategies, reduced labour hours, field traffic and soil compaction!

VIDEO: Silage in paradise!

Over 7 minutes of viewing...

VIDEO: Robotic milking and automatic feeding system on 45-cow farm

"Information is king – it is what drives you to make efficient decisions.”

VIDEO: When a ‘monster’ bull meets ‘little’ cows

Tom Pemberton has decided what he is going to do with his Highlands.

VIDEO: The Net Wrap

A rap music video about baling hay created by the Peterson Farm Bros!

VIDEO: Electric fence ‘training’ for calves

Adrian is turning young calves out to grass for the first time...

VIDEO: Land reclamation progress

Gerry is cleaning a drain and levelling topsoil.