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WATCH: “I thought I was going to die there and then”

Aengus Mannion was pinned against a tree by a teleporter; he underwent 29 operations and struggled mentally after the accident.


PSD Agri Trading – established by Sean Whitehead over 10 years ago - supply seed and fertiliser to tillage farmers and formulate diets for various farming enterprises.

WATCH: “I could see the coffin” – farmer attacked by bull

Liam O'Keeffe was heading off to town to get some machinery parts when he noticed his bull was not in his usual place in the yard - what happened next has changed his life forever.

“He struck me in the chest and lifted me up in the air” – farm accident survivor

“I’m so lucky to be alive” - A bull attack left Ann Doherty – a mother-of-three - with a fractured sternum, three cracked ribs and a fractured thumb. She now lives forever with the injuries.

Video: Feeding in-lamb ewes

John Morahan, Co. Mayo and Tomas Quinn, Co. Longford discuss the management of ewe nutrition.

WATCH: Datamars - TagFaster System

TagFaster System is a combination of an innovative tag and automatic dispenser offering total tagging convenience and speeds up to six times faster than traditional tagging. Electronic and visual tag are placed side-by-side in a 20-tag strip.

WATCH: Calf Barrow

A dairy farmer created the Calf Barrow to lift and carry freshly born calves and those up to three weeks of age.

WATCH: George Candler

George Candler began working as a trainee auctioneer in Kilkenny Co-opLivestock Mart in 1972 and has been a full-time employee since then. He also dominates the rostrum at pedigree sales.

WATCH - Introducing the Cormac Tagging Tissue Sample Wristband

Have you heard about the Tissue Sample Wristband from Cormac Tagging? Watch the video or read the article below to find out all you need to know.