Feature: Noel Burke

'If I never sat on a tractor again, I’d be happy'

Feature: Danny O’Connell

“I have a prosthetic leg that I can walk around on perfectly," - Danny O'Connell operates a zero-grazing dairy farm in Co. Kerry

Machinery Mondays: Tim Mannion tests the Sixty 5 Grass Guide

For this week’s machinery Monday, we are back with Zerograzer and Tim Mannion is testing the sixty 5 grass guide.

Machinery Mondays: Dairy farmers tells of the benefits of Zerograzing

On this week’s Machinery Monday Installment, we speak to Dairy Tim Mannion and hear all about how the Zerograzer has helped improve his farm.

WATCH - Machinery Mondays: The Zerograzer Factory

This week’s Machinery Monday, takes us on a trip to the Zerograzer Factory.

Zero Grazer at the Ploughing

Zero Grazer have teamed up with Lely for this year's ploughing championship and we bring you an exclusive video of their world first live demonstration.

Zero Grazer at Ploughing 2016

'Many people told us we were wasting our time. It wasn't long until they became customers!' Read the story of the Zero Grazer here:

VIDEO: How zero-grazing changed my life!

Video: How zero-grazing changed my life!

Video: Are you thinking about a Zerograzer?

We visited Niall O'Reilly from Zerograzer to learn all about his range of Zerograzers - Watch the video here: