VIDEO: Covering a silage pit with 1 tractor and 3 people

"My ma, my da, and I cover our silage pit with tyres with help from the trusty Same Explorer 90."

A 22-year-old full-time beef and sheep farmer

“The greatest challenge I have faced since coming home full-time has been a poor beef price”

'I enjoy agricultural contracting that much that it never feels like work'

Steven Lane Spelman is a 20-year-old farmer who has established his own contracting business.

'I always wanted to be a farmer'

“My plan was always to go sheep farming. I made that clear from day 1 when I came home that this is what I want to do.”

'Once we went with Charollais, we never looked back'

“I never would have seen myself getting into pedigree breeding, but we said we would give it a try."

Milking 35 cows through a 3-unit parlour

“A lot of people can’t understand why we’re milking in a 3-unit parlour and on a small farm, but it’s working for us, so we’ll keep ticking along.”

Milking 30 cows through a 4-unit parlour

“I enjoy farming - I know it’s hard work and it’s hard to make money out of it. "

21-year-old embarks on ag contracting venture

“It did take a lot of investment and people will probably think I took a huge loan out but I had a lot money saved up."

UCD graduate milking 110 cows in Co. Tipperary

“The farm will always be there, so you might as well see the world before you come home."

From 30 sucklers in Galway to 107,000 cows in Saudi Arabia

“The cows are milked 4-times a-day in 6-hour intervals."

Farming 180 sucklers and 100 ewes on 600-acres

"You have to get your numbers up to survive at the minute.”

Moving from dairy to suckler farming

The 23-year-old was the leader of Team Ireland in the Young Handlers' Competition at the World Hereford Conference.

Young farmer 'enjoying the balance between working and farming'

“It’s a connection that only a farming person can understand; with the land and his or her animals."

24-month-old calving is the aim for suckler farmer running 'tight ship'

"If you talk to anyone and they ask what you farm: you say ‘suckler cows’ and they immediately say it’s a waste of time."