Farming 180 sucklers and 100 ewes on 600-acres

"You have to get your numbers up to survive at the minute.”

Moving from dairy to suckler farming

The 23-year-old was the leader of Team Ireland in the Young Handlers' Competition at the World Hereford Conference.

Young farmer 'enjoying the balance between working and farming'

“It’s a connection that only a farming person can understand; with the land and his or her animals."

24-month-old calving is the aim for suckler farmer running 'tight ship'

"If you talk to anyone and they ask what you farm: you say ‘suckler cows’ and they immediately say it’s a waste of time."

24-month-old calving a success for young suckler farmer

"Anyone that’s suckler farming, should stay at it if they can.”

Breeding is key to suckler success – young farmer

"If you breed good ones, then you’ll have some chance of survival at suckling I think." - John farms 90 sucklers

PHOTOS: Working on a 1300-cow farm in Rakaia

"The main thing I’ll bring home would be the grass utilisation; how to manage surplus and deficits of grass."

New entrant with 1 robot and Fleckvieh cows

They use 60-acres of miscanthus as bedding for their cows.

Young Farmer: Colin Capper

"We decided to think outside the box" - Colin (21) is a beef, sheep & goat farmer

'There is a sense of responsibility to carry on the family tradition'

"My love of farming will definitely draw me back to my home farm in the future"

Young Farmer: Andrew Naughton

The award-winning 20-year-old will study Science and Agriculture in IT Tralee

Young Farmer: John Keane

The dairy farmer spent time working in New Zealand