42 Grass Gals step up to the challenge!

The all-female silage cutting crew were out in force at the weekend.

Cavan man smashes world record for reversing tractor and trailer!

He bloody done it! And even the BBC are reporting on it!

Cavan man to set world record for reversing tractor and trailer

Yep you read that right the world record for reversing a tractor and trailer (that's a thing) is going to be broken this week.

World Record smashed! NZ Farmer milks 5000 cows in 12 hours

A Kiwi dairy farmer has set a world record; milking 5000 cows in 12 hours.

Vintage club attempt to break 3 world records with their tractors this weekend and they need your help.

If it’s Red take it out of the shed that’s the word this weekend as the Whitecross Vintage association seeks to break not one but three world record attempts.