Too little? Minister says Teagasc will offer 1000 Green Cert courses this year.

A case of too little too late? As the Minister said in the Dail this week that an additional 1000 Green Cert Courses would be offered by Teagasc.

World Food Prices Fall for fifth year in row – UN

World Food Prices fell for the fifth year in a row according to the United Nations.

Weekly World news

Trump, Drought, Bird Flu, Earthquakes, Solar and Brexit - Its weekly World news time!

A look at the Weekly World Farming News!

Bird Flu, CETA, Automation on Farms, Female Farming in Singapore & Chinese investing in Australian Agriculture - Read the full round-up here

Weekly World News

Check out agricultural news from New Zealand, the Netherlands, the USA, and more:

Weekly World News

Farmers' Party Wins Election, Bird Flu in India, Saudi's Target Yemeni Farmers, Bono Agency Grants Aid to Niger Agri, Kiwi Dairy man Fined for River Works and More...

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A weekly wrap around from the world of farming and whats making the headlines across the globe.

Weekly news round up

Our weekly wrap up of farm news from around the world.