Sunday Video Feature: The Importance of The Sheep-Dog on Achill Island

This week's Sunday Feature, sees us take a trip to Heatherhill Sheep-Dogs in Achill, to see their dogs at work

Dog Guide: Buying your pet the perfect Xmas gift

This week, we will stick to the Christmas theme and we give you a lost of gifts, for your loveable pooch.

Dog Guide: Gastric Torsion in your pet.

On this week’s Dog Guide it’s another illness, this time Gastric Torsion.

Dog Guide: A guide to chocolate poisoning

On this week’s dog guide, we delve into the dangers of chocolate for your pet.

Dog Guide: What you should look for when buying a sheepdog

On this week's new mini-series we discuss all things dog related. This week we look at what you should look out for when purchasing the perfect working dog.

A dog's lick can kill!

It has been reported recently that a dog's lick could in fact prove deadly.

Litter of puppies Drowned in Offaly

Six puppies have been found drowned in County Offaly