Farmer's Diary: Every farm needs a horse - especially this one

As if grass cover wasn’t scarce enough, I go and get myself a horse, writes Clodagh Hughes.

Farmer’s Diary: So much wool! What am I going to do?

Conditions are perfect to try-out a natural method of washing the raw wool that I have been researching called the suint fermentation method, writes Clodagh Hughes.

Weird Sheep - Corriedale sheep

A dual-purpose breed which was first developed in Australia and New Zealand, the Corriedale sheep is now mainly found in the US and South America and is Uruguay’s most popular breed!

Weird Sheep Breeds - The Teeswater

This week’s featured breed is a breed now listed as vulnerable and hailing from the UK, the rare and long, curly fleeced breed, the Teeswater.

All Things Haulage - Colm Sherlock

This week, Kevin speaks to a third-generation haulier from Co. Meath, Mr. Colm Sherlock of Sherlock International. Read about his ‘journey’ below!

Farm Hacks: Alternative uses for wool- Part 1

Farm hacks is back and this week it's all things wool. Not getting enough for your wool? Check out these alternatives for your sheep’s coat.

Weird Sheep Breeds: The Wensleydale - The goth of the sheep world

On this week’s weird sheep breeds, we profile the Wensleydale, the sheep known for its wild hair.

Australia’s wool industry “in good shape” despite criticism over governance and animal welfare

Kallee reports on whats been a big week in the Australian wool industry and what lies ahead for those involved.