Sixth-generation farmer running her own farm shop at the age of 22

Emily McGowan is on a mission to reverse the cycle of supermarkets selling fresh produce at cheaper rates.

From a suckler enterprise in Cavan to an 800-cow dairy farm in New Zealand

23-year-old Sarah, a sustainable agriculture graduate, also worked on a 4,000-acre farm in the UK.

'I purchased my first-ever calf at the mart for €80'

Rebecca Ryan and family farm 130 dairy cows and 330 beef cattle.

VIDEO: A day in the life: Anna Truesdale

"It feels like today has been going seventeen different directions all at once," - Anna Truesdale

‘I do believe there is a lingering stigma surrounding women working in large animal practice’

"We intend on continuing in suckler farming, despite the challenges.” - Adele (30), a vet nurse/accounts manager

VIDEO: Q and A with full-time farmer Anna Truesdale

She discusses her life as women in ag and outlines her plans for the future.

‘It’s great to be involved in the teaching of the younger generation of farmers’

When she is not teaching at Salesian Agricultural College, Rachel can be found tending to her 90-dairy cow herd.

How this 28-year-old ‘fell in love with farming all over again’

Ruth Parks farms a herd of pedigree Shorthorn cattle and works as a pharmacy dispensary assistant.

‘I won’t deny that I had to prove myself twice to many farmers’

"No farmer questions my ability anymore." - Ciara Byers (19), dairy farmer and UCD ag student.

‘There is still discrimination against female farmers’

Teachers and suckler and sheep farmers, Miriam and Rachel, are the duo behind the Keeping up with the Hastings Instagram account.

‘I think some farmers think a young girl like me couldn’t possibly be a vet student’

Suckler and sheep farmer, Michaela Doran (23), repeated the Leaving Cert to study veterinary at UCD.

Farming over 300 beef cattle and a 100-cow dairy herd

“Radiography was my first choice, but I didn’t get the points.”

Milking over 290 Irish-bred cows in Devon

“We farmed 1,000 sheep and 500 head of cattle for years,” – Elizabeth

Women in Ag: Shauna Murphy

“Growing up, I was never told I couldn't do something because I was a girl…” – Shauna (28)

Life as an 80-year-old woman in agriculture

She receives text message notifications from a Moocall calving monitor.

Women in Ag: Emily McAllister

“I would never turn down a good run around the shops or getting the nails done!” – Emily, a civil engineering student & farmer.

VIDEO: Clodagh Dunne

She lives on a suckler, dairy and tillage farm.