Women in Ag: Mary Troy

Mary Troy (24) took over the farm at the age of 17 when her father passed away. The Waterford native studied at Kildalton Ag college and milks over 80 cows.

Women in Ag: Dr. Shauna Holden

Dr. Shauna Holden (28) became interested in agriculture when studying to become a second-level Science teacher. The Kilkenny native - a qualified teacher - works as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Teagasc.

Women in Ag: Laura Cable

Yorkshire native Laura Cable (26) grew up on a beef & sheep farm and won a scholarship to travel to New Zealand where she met her partner. She is now managing a 130-cow farm single-handedly in Cork.

Student Update: Life as a woman in agriculture

I have never been frowned upon about being a woman in agriculture, its more or less a thing of the past, nowadays usually, being a woman in agriculture is just seen as a norm, writes Sophie Bell.

Women in Ag: Fíona Dunne

Fíona Dunne (27) worked on a cosmetic counter before she studied Theatrical and Media Make-up and jetted off to Australia. She came home to study at WIT & UCD and is now a PhD Researcher.

Student Focus: Amy Connolly

Westmeath’s Amy Connolly (23) studied a Level 5 at Ballyhaise before progressing to DkIT’s Agriculture course. The MAgriSc student is also a suckler & sheep farmer.

Student Update: Returning to Cavan & two new jobs

Sophie Bell ventured home to Co. Cavan this week and when she returns to Harper Adams University next week, she will begin two new roles - one with Herdsy & the other as a weekend milker.

Women in Ag: Andrea Hickmann

Andrea Hickmann worked as a nurse in Germany for 15 years before she moved to Galway to farm with her partner. They milk an 80-cow herd and utilise Fleckvieh genetics.

Student Update: Working on a pig farm

Emma returned from her J1 adventures two months ago and began working on a pig farm, despite having no previous experience with pigs.

Women in Ag: Ann-Maree Manley

Ann-Maree Manley farmed across the waters before she returned to Ireland to study at UCD and run a Milking Shorthorn and Ayrshire herd with her father. She works as a HerdApp Salesperson.

Feature: Ellen Nyhan

Ellen Nyhan (18), Co. Cork is a Leaving Certificate student with a passion for Irish music; competition ploughing & farming.

Women in Ag: Claire Marlet

Claire Marlet (30) from Aveyron, France is a mother-of-one; Sobac’s Export Manager and the owner of a grocery store where farmers sell local produce.

Women in Ag: Lisa Meyler

“I never once dreamt that I would have the opportunity to combine both my love of agriculture and marketing together.” - 23-year-old Lisa Meyler of Green Acre Marketing.

FARMEX Profile: Maura Canning

"The consultants said that they couldn't understand why I didn't get a heart attack or stroke" - Maura Canning

Goat Update: Goatober and rearing goats for meat

“We don’t want to see the dairy goat farms of Ireland in a situation similar to Bobby Calves in New Zealand” - Ami Madden

Student Update: A guide to surviving college

“The main thing to remember with college is that it's all going to be worthwhile. Some days it feels like college is just one huge waste of time and money” - Emma McCormack, a final-year Ag student.

Women in Ag: Clodagh Ryan

Clodagh Ryan studied Animal Science at UCD and now works as an Animal Evaluations Analysts with ICBF. The Tipperary native is also a well-known Charolais breeder.