Weird Sheep Breeds - The Norfolk Horn

One of the UK’s oldest surviving breeds, the Norfolk Horn sheep is also among the UK’s rarest breed and was used in the creation of the Suffolk breed. Read all about the breed below.

Weird Sheep Breeds - Karakul Sheep

A multi-purpose breed raised in Central Asia since 1,400 B.C., the Karakul are among the rarest breeds in the world.

Weird Sheep - The Boreray

One of the UK’s rarest and smallest breeds, with less than 900 breeding ewes remaining, the Boreray tend to reach only 55cms tall. Read all about the breed in this week’s Weird Sheep feature below.

Weird Sheep Breeds: The Clun Forest

On this week’s Weird sheep feature, we profile the narrow-faced, Welsh Clun Forest sheep.

Weird Sheep Breeds: Coburg Fox Sheep

Known for their distinctive red/brown colour, the German Coburg Fox Sheep were nearly wiped from existence after World War 2.

Weird Sheep Breeds: The Castlemilk Moorit

Did you know that the Castlemilk Moorit sheep are one of the world’s rarest breeds? Read about them below!

Weird sheep Breeds: The Awassi

The sheep that has dominated the Arab nations, The Awassi is the most common sheep breed in the Middle East.

Weird sheep Breeds: The Zwartbles, which are known for having triplets and their excellent growth rate.

This week we are looking at the sheep native to the Netherlands, the Zwartbles.

Weird Sheep Breeds: The British Milk sheep, the breed almost wiped out in 2001.

On this week’s feature, we focus on the British Milk sheep, which was almost wiped out in 2001.

Weird Sheep Breeds: The St Croix, the pest resisting, hair sheep, descended from Africa.

This week, we profile the St. Croix, which is thought to have descended from African sheep.

Weird Sheep Breeds: Finnsheep, the sheep who can have up to 8 lambs!

On this week’s weird sheep breeds, we are off to Finland, to profile the Finnsheep that is.

Weird Sheep Breeds: The Jacob, the Friesian like sheep with unknown origins.

This week we are going British, or so we think, and profiling the beautiful Jacob sheep.

Weird Sheep Breeds: Valais Blacknose - Perhaps the cutest of all sheep breeds?

This week on Weird Sheep Breeds, we profile Valais Blacknose, a breed with a history rolling back to the 15th century.

Weird Sheep Breeds: The Blue texel

This week's weird sheep is an interesting one the Blue Texel!

Weird Sheep Breeds: Bluefaced Leicester-A breed dating back to the 1900’s!

We profile Bluefaced Leicester, a breed that was developed as a result of Robert’s Bakewell’s selective breeding policy!