Weird Cow Breeds - The Sayaguesa

An endangered breed of Spanish bovine, the Sayaguesa is one now mainly kept for meat production, with bulls weighing up to 1,100kgs.

Weird Cow Breeds - Camargue Cattle

A domestic bovine breed native to France and used in the traditional sport of camarguaise bullfighting, The Camargue cattle breed are this week’s featured breed. Read all about them below.

Weird Cow Breeds - The Agerolese

An Italian dairy breed which is capable of producing up to 20kgs of milk per day, the Agerolese breed is currently endangered. Read all about the breed below.

Weird Cow Breeds - Gloucester cattle

A multi-purpose breed raised for meat, milk and draught purposes, Gloucester cattle are also among the world’s rarest breeds with only 750 cows remaining. Read all about the breed below.

Weird Cow Breeds - The Belgian Red

A breed, as the name suggests, which is native to Belgium and currently one of the world’s rarest breeds, with less than 100 cows remaining in 2001, the Belgian Red.

Weird Cow Breeds - The Fjäll

A traditional Swedish dairy breed, the Fjäll was almost driven into extinction in the 1970’s. Thankfully the dairy breed still thrives. Read all about them below!

Weird Cow Breeds: The Maremmana

The Maremmana hail from Italy, though there are suggestions that it descended from Asiatic grey cattle, though nobody truly knows. Read more about the breed below!

Weird Cow breeds: Pineywoods cattle

This week, we profile they descendants of Spanish stock left along the Atlantic and Gulf coast of America, the Pineywood.

Weird Cow Breeds; The Gir

The Gir is one of the best dairy cattle in the world and have produced a record 3182kgs per lactation!

Weird Cow Breeds: The Beefalo

Sometimes accidents can bring greatness, such as the accidental crossing of the American Bison and regular cattle. The result, The beefalo!

Weird Cow Breeds: Romagnola, once used as a living tractor!

This week, we head to Italy to feature the Romagnola, the breed once used for their huge muscles.

Weird Cow Breeds: The Tarentaise, the hardy breed, capable of living in the Alps!

The Tarentaise is known for having been mixed less than other breeds in France and can strive in the toughest of conditions.

Weird Cow Breeds: The Maine-Anjou, with bulls up to 1,400kgs!

This week, we are again in France, profiling the muscular Maine-Anjou.

Weird Cow Breeds: Red Poll –The dual-purpose breed that dates back to the 19th century!

This week, we profile Red Poll, a dual-purpose breed that developed as a result of crossing the Norfolk Red and Suffolk Dun.

Weird Cow Breeds; The Chianina, the breed that broke world records.

This week on weird cow breeds, it’s all about the Chianina, one of the world’s oldest and heaviest breeds.