Dog Guide: Diseases - A guide to Distemper

This week we delve into a disease which is very contagious for dogs, Distemper.

Horse Guide: A guide to Equine influenza

This week ahead of the fast approaching winter we look at Equine Influenza, its causes, symptoms and prevention's.

Scientists successful in gene editing, paving way for pig to human transplants

Scientists have been working with pig genomes, and claim to now be able to deactivate a number of retroviruses.

Bird Flu outbreak in US: New strain emerges

A different strain of bird flu has hit the US state of Tennessee.

Department confirm bird flu death is strain found in rest of Europe

The Department officially confirmed today the dead duck in Wexford was carrying the H5N8 virus.

Bird Flu outbreak in UK poses major risk for Irish farmers

The outbreak is now a clear and present danger for Irish poultry farmers.

Bird Flu outbreak threat getting very real

The threat of a potential outbreak of bird flu in Ireland is a very real and present danger now as the entire area of France is placed on high risk area for the H5N8 virus.