WATCH: “I thought I was going to die there and then”

Aengus Mannion was pinned against a tree by a teleporter; he underwent 29 operations and struggled mentally after the accident.


PSD Agri Trading – established by Sean Whitehead over 10 years ago - supply seed and fertiliser to tillage farmers and formulate diets for various farming enterprises.

WATCH: “I could see the coffin” – farmer attacked by bull

Liam O'Keeffe was heading off to town to get some machinery parts when he noticed his bull was not in his usual place in the yard - what happened next has changed his life forever.

WATCH: Safety-Zone Calf Catcher

The "Safety-Zone Calf Catcher" allows farmers to safely isolate, catch, weigh, treat and transport new-born calves.

WATCH: Datamars - TagFaster System

TagFaster System is a combination of an innovative tag and automatic dispenser offering total tagging convenience and speeds up to six times faster than traditional tagging. Electronic and visual tag are placed side-by-side in a 20-tag strip.

WATCH: Calf Barrow

A dairy farmer created the Calf Barrow to lift and carry freshly born calves and those up to three weeks of age.

WATCH: George Candler

George Candler began working as a trainee auctioneer in Kilkenny Co-opLivestock Mart in 1972 and has been a full-time employee since then. He also dominates the rostrum at pedigree sales.

WATCH - Farmer John Joe O’Sullivan explains benefits of Slurrycal

In a testimonial video, Cork dairy farmer John Joe O’Sullivan shares his experience of Slurrycal and explains all of the benefits along the way.