VIDEO: Farming with donkeys

Watch this pair of donkeys pulling a brake to harrow the ground in preparation for sowing seed.

VIDEO: Has the Case 895 been sold?

Its fate has been decided!

VIDEO: Un'ewe'sual customer in local Centra store

The ewe was chased on foot down a national road before eventually being caught.

VIDEO: Sun and silage

Sit back and enjoy as Adrian from the IFarm WeFarm YouTube channel makes silage on his dairy farm.

The man behind the video

Donal Anderson rose to internet stardom following a video he made of shearing his own hair in April.

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The Shorthorn was the breed of choice for milking in years gone by

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VIDEO: Feeling the effects of the weather

"It's just the weather- you can't beat the weather."

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How many of you have seen turf being cut the old-fashioned way?

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Which tractor will come out on top?

VIDEO: Preparing for 'Silage 2020'

Gerry is washing the shed and silage base.