Vets Corner: Photosensitisation in cattle

On this week's Vets Corner, Tommy discusses the problem of Photosensitisation in cattle, Sunlight and sore skin.

Vets Corner: Mastitis in the Summer

This week Tommy discusses the problem every farmer has faced at one stage or another, summer mastitis.

Vets Corner: Pink Eye

Pink eye: "It's the time of year for it"

Vets Corner: The first 24 hours!

Watch: Tommy the Vet is back this week to discuss how important the first 24 hours are! Watch the video here!

Vets Corner: Nematodirus risk time

Tommy is back this week to looks at why it's risk time for Nematodirus ? Why do we need to act fast if we suspect symptoms?

Vets Corner: Somatic Cell Count SCC (contagious mastitis)

Tommy the Vet is back and this week he is looking at the problem of High somatic cell counts in Dairy herds

Vets Corner: Dealing with Coccidiosis

Tommy Heffernan is back with Vets Corner this week to give us some tips on how to deal with Coccidiosis after turnout

Watch: Vets Corner, Grass tetany hypomagnesia

Tommy is early this week with Vets corner but for a very good reason - Grass tetany hypomagnesia is a huge risk on farm at this time of the year

Vets Corner: Lamb survival

Tommy is back and this week's talk is an important one who to ensure your lambs get the best start in life. A sick lamb is a big no no.

Watch: Vets Corner - Vaccinations, what are they all about?

Tommy is back this week to look at Vaccinations - What's it all about? Watch the video here:

Vets Corner: Left displaced abomasum (LDA) in dairy cattle

Tommy the Vet is back and this week he's dealing with left displaced abomasum (LDA) in dairy cattle - Watch the video here

Vets Corner: Cryptosporidium the unruly enemy

This week Tommy's dealing with crypto a major problem for any farmer. Here he outlines how to deal with crypto in a special one to one video.

TF Podcast: Farming in Denmark

This week's TF podcast is all about farming in Denmark our own Tommy Heffernan has been there to find out all about Danish farming and what there doing thats different.

Vets Corner: Calving the cow

It's probably the most common procedure but there's always something new to learn with calving a cow. '

Vets Corner: The problem with navels

Navel hygiene and treatment can never be underestimated writes Tommy in this week's Vets Corner.

Vets Corner: Mastitis in the first weeks after calving

Tommy's dealing with mastitis this week a common problem for too many farmers in this busy birthing period.

Vets Corner: Downer Cows

With Spring in full swing Tommy's been dealing with busy farms and an old problem that of downer cows.

Vets Corner: Dealing with a Suspected case of Schmallenberg disease

Tommy the Vet is back and this week he has been dealing with a suspected case of Schmallenberg disease in Wicklow

Vets Corner: Listeria in sheep the silent killer

Tommy's dealing with listeria this week, also known as sheep meningitis it can be a killer if not treated quickly.