'I was going to study veterinary one way or another'

"I knew it was going to be a struggle to get the points with my dyslexia.” explains 23-year-old Julie, a UCD vet student.

Graphic Content: Cavan vet delivers calf with ‘two heads fused into one body’

The C-section was relatively straightforward, until the second head attached to the same body appeared, McGovern explained.

VIDEO: Septic arthritis/joint ill in calf

Graphic content: All cases of lameness in calves less than 8 weeks of age, should be considered septic, unless proven otherwise, McGovern explained.

Pictures: Bulldog calf

Graphic content: Gerard McGovern received a call about a heifer with dystocia.

Studying veterinary medicine in Bulgaria

“I always wanted to be a vet but didn’t get good grades at school" - 23-year-old suckler farmer

‘I think some farmers think a young girl like me couldn’t possibly be a vet student’

Suckler and sheep farmer, Michaela Doran (23), repeated the Leaving Cert to study veterinary at UCD.

The highs and lows of studying veterinary medicine in Warsaw

“I suppose the biggest eye-opener was actually being thrown into reality with no parents to wash, cook and clean.”

Photos: What was this cow diagnosed with?

The cow was unable to open her mouth, due to spasticity of her jaw muscles.

WATCH: Life as a vet

Rosalind Woodside qualified as a vet in 1986

Life as a vet in Uganda

‘We bring animals to the local human hospital at night to use their X-ray machine’ – Jane, Belfast