Weanling sale has its 'own identity' at Tullow

"Trade opened up as honest, nevertheless, not as dear as we would have seen 12 months ago"

Steady trade at Tullow

'Trade holding steady on last week’s prices especially for quality continental-type'

‘Positive amongst a very difficult beef trade’

‘Quality continental cattle meeting a very lively demand’

Over 2,500 sheep on offer at Tullow

'Hogget ewes possibly easier by €5-€10/head but maybe the quality was not as good either'

Steady trade for heifers and bullocks at Tullow

“A larger sale with trade optimistic amongst a very difficult beef price'

A tougher trade at Tullow

‘This calm is expected against a very weakening beef trade in factories,’ – Driver

Lambs easier by €3-€4/head at Tullow

“We have seen the June resistance arriving in the sales ring.”

Steady trade for store cattle at Tullow

'Trade was similar to the previous week so I couldn’t suggest any improvement'

Sheep prices up €2-€4/head at Tullow

An improved trade, especially for lambs weighing from 43kg to 47kg.

Lively trade for all types at Tullow

Bullocks hit €1,020 over, heifers topped out at €920 over and cull cows reached €850 over.

‘Grass cattle’ improve by €20-€30/head at Tullow

Just over 700 head of cattle passed through the ring; trade remained strong and steady

Calves improve by €30-€40/head at Tullow

“Steady trade with no improvement to report” – Driver

Sluggish trade for heavier-type hoggets at Tullow

With over 1,000 hoggets on offer, trade resembled something similar to the last number of weeks, according to Eric Driver.

Strong demand for continental stores at Tullow

“Beef and forward-type heifers are meeting a steady trade as we have seen in the last number of weeks with good demand for quality continental-types”

Heavy hoggets improve by €5-€6/head at Tullow

A smaller entry of sheep met with an improved trade, according to Eric Driver – Manager. Ewes with twins hit €240, while cull ewes peaked at €132.

Trade improves for forward stores at Tullow

“Calves aged between 10-14 days are meeting a difficult trade as shippers are standing back a little bit as they cannot ship these until after 14 days” – Eric Driver

€3,000 for 760kg heifer at Tullow

“A steady selling trade for all cows and heifers presented; however, maybe not all out as sharp as the bullock sale the previous Friday" - Eric Driver

Bullocks hit €2,130 at Tullow

"A very positive trade throughout the day and one would say a ray of encouraging light amongst the doom and gloom that we have seen of late" - Eric Driver

'A trade of uncertainty' at Tullow

Eric Driver said that prices struggled to remain at pre-Christmas levels. Cull cows sold from €120 under the kg to €675 over, while €2.00-€2.20/kg was forked out for continental bullocks.