Cull cows improve by €20-€30/head at Tullow

Driver reported strong demand for quality stores - especially 350-500kgs continental bullocks and heifers.

Store cattle continue to set the bar at Tullow

Export-type Friesian bulls improved by €5-€10/hd.

Friesian bulls for export up €10-€15/head at Tullow

“A large sale overall but the trade recognising the situation that we are currently meeting with the coronavirus.”

€10-€50/hd for Friesian bull calves for export at Tullow

Driver reported “a lot of export activity” for calves and for Friesian cows.

Light Friesian calves back €5-€10/hd at Tullow

“A lot of farmer custom around the ring for stronger FR calves” – Driver

Brisk trade for store heifers at Tullow

Driver described the trade as “brisk”.

Trade for heavy culls 'beyond all belief' at Tullow

"A sale that would remind farmers to remember that the sales ring is always a place to command a leading factory price.”

Tullow fatstock show and sale raises the ‘optimism’ for beef trade

“Plenty of farmer custom around the ring for store bullocks and a very demanding trade for good store cattle.”

Tullow's sheep sale draws over 2,000 entries

Driver said that trade could be reported as being similar to previous weeks

Improved trade for forward stores at Tullow

"A full clearance with trade somewhat improved across the board for all types" - Driver

Out-of-spec and over-30-month cattle a harder sell

“The trade was honest for the in-spec type stock" - Driver

Steady trade for store cattle at Tullow

"Beef cattle not so plenty; the correct in-spec cattle meeting an honest trade" - Driver

Suffolk rams sell to €600 at Tullow

“Trade was similar to last week and possibly easier by €1/head” - Driver

Strong export demand for bull weanlings at Tullow

“Overall, a steady trade amongst an unsettled time in the beef sector which could only suggest farmers continue to show positive mantra for the beef trade going forward"

Weanling sale has its 'own identity' at Tullow

"Trade opened up as honest, nevertheless, not as dear as we would have seen 12 months ago"

Steady trade at Tullow

'Trade holding steady on last week’s prices especially for quality continental-type'

‘Positive amongst a very difficult beef trade’

‘Quality continental cattle meeting a very lively demand’