Trade remains steady at Tuam

Bullocks sold to €785 over, heifers hit €885 over and cull cows climbed to €1,440.

Steady trade for all types at Tuam

Bullocks made up to €810 over, heifers hit €780 over, weanling bulls sold to €550 over and weanling heifers realised €610 over.

Firm trade for cattle at Tuam

Better quality-types were on offer this week

Steady trade for cattle at Tuam

Bullocks sold to €1,650, heifers hit €1,460 and cull cows topped out at €1,550. Lambs made up to €70 with the weight, while old ewes peaked at €122.

Excellent trade for all cattle at Tuam

Bullocks met with great demand from local farmers and Midlands customers, while there was a strong trade for cull cows, according to Marian Devane.

Good trade for all types at Tuam

The 250 Weanling Bulls met with “a fantastic trade”, while heifers were “well-improved” and there was great demand for lighter store bullocks.

Flying trade for cattle at Tuam

Lighter-types were snapped up by farmer customers and agents, according to Marion Devane. Bullocks hit €1,480, heifers sold to €1,560 and cull cows made up to €1,450.

Cattle trade improves at Tuam

Bullocks made from €685 up to €765 with the weight and Heifers sold from €685 up to €970 over, while Weanling Bulls climbed to €665 with the kg and Weanling Heifers topped out at €535 over.