Carthy slams Fianna Fáil support of EU trade deals

Sinn Féin MEP, Matt Carthy, has slammed Fianna Fáil for their support of ‘dangerous’ EU trade deals.

Ming welcomes new trade deals

Luke Ming Flanagan welcomes the announcement of the negotiation of new trade deals by the European Court of Justice.

John Bruton Predicts end of TTIP

The Ex Taoiseach has predicted the death of TTIP.

Mercusor & TTIP trade deals should be suspended immediately

ICMSA call for Mercusor and TTIP trade deals to be suspended immediately pending Brexit clarity  

TTIP Leak: Proposals to Eliminate Subsidies, Create Commission for Agriculture

Worrying for Irish Farmers as not one mention in the leaked documents of dairy or beef and there is fear that non-niche agricultural produce will be lumped into one broad category

TTIP Study indicates Farmers set to lose out

New study uses EU-commissioned economic modelling to predict effects of TTIP on Europe's farmers

Hogan claims no TTIP dealon Obamas terms

European Commissioner for Agriculture Phil Hogan said he won’t rush a TTIP deal for the sake of it.