All Things Haulage: Kelly Livestock Transport

Colm Kelly wanted extra work, so he bought a trailer!

All Things Haulage - Matthew Logue

Although this week’s featured haulier has yet to take his place on the road behind the wheel, Matthew Logue can lay the claim of being one of the country’s youngest truck owners, having bought his aged just 14!

All Things Haulage - Michael O’Connor

On this week’s Haulage feature, Kevin speaks to young Tipperary farmer and haulier for United Metals Ltd, Mr. Michael O’Connor. Read about his progression into the industry below!

All Things Haulage - Tom Cloney

Featured as part of our ‘All Things Haulage’ feature is Wexford native and 24-year-old, Mr. Tom Cloney, a driver for J&K Ormonde. Read his story in full below.

Lorry 2-tonnes over legal weight limit

“A number of tachograph infringements were detected so the driver and owner will have to haul themselves to court for these road safety breaches”

All Things Haulage - Peter Sully, Sully Transport.

This week’s featured haulier is 35-years-old, father-of-two, who hails from Brannockstown in Co. Kildare, Mr. Peter Sully, Sully Transport.

All Things Haulage - Marty Mannion, Mannion Quarry and Plant Hire

This week’s featured hails from Connemara in Co. Galway and is on the verge of celebrating 50-years in the business, Mr. Marty Mannion of Mannion Quarry and Plant Hire. Read his story below.

All Things Haulage - Ger McNamara, J.P.G Freight.

On this week’s ‘All Things Haulage’ feature, Kevin speaks to 44-year-old Limerick native and long-time haulage enthusiast, Ger McNamara of J.P.G Freight. Read his story now below!

All Things Haulage - Paudie Flanagan

On this week’s ‘All Things Haulage’ feature, That’sFarming caught up with 37-year-old Tipperary native and owner-driver with Gleeson’s Quarries, Mr. Paudie Flanagan. Read all about his journey into a career behind the wheel below!

All Things Haulage - John Dineen, O’Neill’s Heavy Haulage

A Limerick man who got his licence twenty years ago this year and one who hasn’t negated his role behind the wheel ever since, John Dineen of O’Neill’s Heavy Haulage is this week’s featured haulier. Read his story in full below.

All Things Haulage - Padraic Murphy, Knockbay Livestock Agents

On this week’s ‘All Things Haulage’, Kevin spoke to Wexford man Padraic ‘Podge’ Murphy, who not only works as a livestock agent, but also finishes cattle and drives his family’s lorry at just 25-years-old! Read his story now below!

All Things Haulage - Brendan Woods

This week’s featured haulier hails from near Cashel in Co. Tipperary. His Journey in the industry began almost twenty years ago and you probably know him for his custom Johnny Cash themed R620, Mr. Brendan Woods. Read Brendan’s story below!

All Things Haulage - Mark McKenna, K. McKenna Haulage

This week’s featured haulier is 26-years-old and has been behind the wheel for what is eight years this year, Mr Mark McKenna. Mark is now one of the core members of K.McKenna Haulage and also the son of founder, Kieran McKenna.

All Things Haulage - Padraic Hoban

On this week’s installment of ‘All Things Haulage’, Kevin speaks to Foxford native and the other half of the Truckin’ Country Queen, Padraic Hoban. Read all about his progression into the haulage industry below.

All Things Haulage - Darragh Moon

This week’s featured haulier has been behind the wheel since he turned 18, driving for both Hannon Transport and Donovan Transport, who he drives for to this day. Read his story below on this week’s ‘All Thing’s Haulage’.

All Things Haulage - Sean Maher, John Maher Transport Ltd

On this week’s ‘All Things Haulage’ feature, Kevin speaks to Tipperary native and long-time truck enthusiast, Sean Maher of John Maher Transport Ltd. Read his story in full below.