Investigation: Coillte practices leaving farm families in the dark and waiting for thousands of euro

Coillite Farm Forestry Partnerships leave farm families wondering when they will get answers and money on thinnings.

Future Farming: Introducing the FytoStick

On this week’s look into the future tech of farming we profile a nifty little gadget, only very new to the market.

Forestry Act Commences

A new Forestry Act from 2014 has come into action from the end of May.

Martin Kenny calls for planting flexibility

Martin Kenny calls for planting flexibility from GLAS due to shortages in hedgerow samples.

Big Business and Forestry will hurt Irish farmers – Fitzmaurice speaks out

Foreign firms are now entering the Irish forestry market and it could have detrimental results for Ireland’s small farmers.

Hope for resistance to Ash dieback

Trees in the UK may provide a much needed answer on tackling Ash dieback.

Ash Dieback Spreading through Hedgerows

The disease is spreading; meanwhile scientists try to find tolerant strains to save the much-loved tree: