VIDEO: Making a Deere look like new!

Angela takes out the power-washer!

VIDEO: Rare Muir-Hill tractor

Old-school silage 2020!

VIDEO: Keaveney Agri

Keaveney Agri using their new silage gear at first and second-cut silage.

VIDEO: 7 combines, 1 area

Footage captured at Coolmore Stud.

VIDEO: New John Deere TA550i cutting spring barley

New John Deere T550i, John Deere 6920 and CLAAS out in force!

VIDEO: ‘This is an annoying job on the farm that we have to do’

“Today we are using our slurry tanker one last time.”

VIDEO: Old-school style silage

Making pit silage at Brogan Farms.

VIDEO: Making close to 5,000 bales from 65-acres in 2 days

“I think we finally rolled into the house about 1:30am.”