Video: Being Brilliant at the Basics - Colostrum

Colostrum is the key component to calf health, but how soon after birth should the calf receive this liquid gold? Do you know the golden rule?

Being Brilliant at the Basics: Calf Nutrition

In the final episode of this series of Being Brilliant at the Basics with Interchem Ireland, Tommy takes us through calf nutrition. It's the most important thing in the next step of your calves life.

Video: Being Brilliant at the Basics – Calf Comfort

Interchem Ireland and That’s Farming bring you the next episode of Being Brilliant at the Basics and this week we’re covering calf comfort.

Tommy Does Denmark - Watch the entire series!

Missed the Tommy Does Denmark series? Well you can watch the whole thing right here! So sit back and chill with That's Farming and Tommy The Vet.

Tommy Does Denmark Part 3 - Surgery, vets and new beginnings

It's our final episode in Tommy Does Denmark and we've saved the best til last with Tommy performing surgery and touring some amazing farms!

Tommy Does Denmark Part 2 - Getting to grips with life as a Danish vet!

Tommy is back with Part 2 of his Danish adventure and he is really starting to get his hands dirty.

Vets Corner: Lamb survival

Tommy is back and this week's talk is an important one who to ensure your lambs get the best start in life. A sick lamb is a big no no.

Vets Corner: Mastitis in the first weeks after calving

Tommy's dealing with mastitis this week a common problem for too many farmers in this busy birthing period.

Vets Corner: Downer Cows

With Spring in full swing Tommy's been dealing with busy farms and an old problem that of downer cows.

Vets Corner: Dealing with a Suspected case of Schmallenberg disease

Tommy the Vet is back and this week he has been dealing with a suspected case of Schmallenberg disease in Wicklow

Vets Corner: Listeria in sheep the silent killer

Tommy's dealing with listeria this week, also known as sheep meningitis it can be a killer if not treated quickly.

Interchem Ireland & That’s Farming launch exciting new video series

The new video series will cover all the basics on calf health a must watch at this time of year.

Vets Corner: Treating calf scour

Tommy's been dealing with calf scour this week and tells us how he overcame a bad outbreak.

Vets Corner: Treating calf pneumonia

Tommy the Vet has had a busy week treating pneumonia on farm. Here he shares his advice on treating this potentially deadly illness.

Vets Corner: Top tips for the best Colostrum

In the first in a new series Vets Corner, vet Tommy Heffernan joins us to talk all things colostrum and just how important it is for your calf.

Saturday Feature: That’s Farming podcast

It's Saturday so time to sit back and tune into our weekly radio show.

Farmers Diary: 1 Winter calving with John

In the first in a new series different farmers will be writing on what’s happening on their farm. This week its editor John Connell.

Thats Farming bitesize: Tommy the vet

Tommy Heffernan joins us in our That's farming podcast bitesize edition to talk dry cow therapy and animal housing