VIDEO: Installing astro turf track roadways for cows

“Is it worth the effort?” asks Tom Pemberton

VIDEO: Crows destroy Pemberton’s silage bales

“These bales have been wrapped for around 22-months.”

VIDEO: Pemberton invests in new slurry tanker

The tanker is made to meet the young farmer's requirements.

VIDEO: ‘Massive’ bull which destroyed cattle crush meets over 100 cows

The "rhino-sized" bull is cleaned up before he is introduced to the herd.

VIDEO: Taming a wild stallion

"I said if I hit 200,000 subscribers, I would ride a horse."

VIDEO: 'We are flooded in summer?'

"It's slowing grass growth and will make a massive mess in the field."

VIDEO: Tractor tour on a farm

Tractor tour on Tom Pemberton's farm

VIDEO: How many silage bales can you make from a driving range?

"I thought I was wasting my time when we were mowing it." - Tom Pemberton

VIDEO: When a ‘monster’ bull meets ‘little’ cows

Tom Pemberton has decided what he is going to do with his Highlands.

VIDEO: Can a golf course feed Tom Pemberton's herd?

"In today's video, are mowing but its something different..."

VIDEO: Rhino-sized bull destroys cattle crush

"I don't think this crush is made for a bull..."

VIDEO: What has Pemberton bought for the farm now?

"In today's video, we have got a massive surprise!"

VIDEO: Mowing grass at a rapid pace

"You should see the speed that we are going [at]"

VIDEO: Feeling the effects of the weather

"It's just the weather- you can't beat the weather."

VIDEO: ‘This could have been much worse’

“We decided that safety had to put first, and it was time for a change” – Tom Pemberton