WATCH - Times Past: When the Army brought fodder for everyone

So, the fodder crisis continues and its not the first! Though back in 1986 the Irish army came to the rescue.

Horse Breeder of the Week: Breeding Horses for decades in Co. Kilkenny!

Catherina speaks to Mal Tynan, a 73-year-old who has dedicated his life to horses, by engaging in recreational work, transporting coal from coal mines and breeding high-end foals. Read about his journey here.

Times Past: The 1940’s, the decade Electricity came to Rural Ireland.

On 'Times Past' this week, we look back to when Ireland got its first taste of electricity.

Times Past: When Poitín Production was a steady income for rural Ireland

On this week’s Times Past, we look into Poitín production in Ireland and the lasting impact it had on our culture.

Times Past: The 1840’s, when the humble spud, or lack of, nearly killed us all.

On this week’s ‘Times Past’ we are going back over 170 years to the 1840’s, the years of the Potato famine.

Times Past - Buying a turkey for Christmas, forty years ago!

This week we go back to the 70’s and learn all about buying Turkeys.

Times Past: The day that Glenroe came into our lives

This week, we go back to the early 80’s and the beginning of the soap which won the hearts of the nation, Glenroe.

Times Past: The foot and mouth outbreak that rocked the country.

On this week’s Times Past, we look at the devastation to the farming community during the outbreak that shook 2001.

Times Past - 1997 - Dolly the cloned sheep

This week we rewind the clock to 1997 and take a look at the then-groundbreaking story of Dolly the cloned sheep.

Times Past: 2002 - Donegal Farmers donate top bull to save Arranmore herd

This week’s Times Past is a story of survival. Meet the farmers from Donegal who donated a charolais bull to help save the cows of Arranmore.