1,000-acre tillage farming business

Tom burns straw to power a grain dryer

Profile: Lisbeg Farm

Approximately 2,000 head of cattle are finished, 1500 ewes are lambed and a range of crops are grown.

Tillage Update: False start to the harvest

This week Gary tells us of the false harvest and gives us the update on all the crops.

Tillage with Gary Roe

Find out the events in this week's Tillage update with Gary Roe.

Fitzmaurice welcomes Tillage Compensation

TD Michael Fitzmaurice has welcomed the recent news of compensation for Ireland’s Tillage farmers.

Tillage: The good weather returns

The weather picks up as last weeks barley struggles after last weeks heavy rain.

Tillage Farming: Trying out new seeds in old soil

Gary returns with this week's Tillage Farming diary and he's been planting some new seeds to help get the barley crop underway.

Tillage Farming: Sowing problems

Gary Roe is back with his tillage dairy but try as he might this week to get some sowing done Storm Doris and bad weather got in the way.

Tillage Farming: Sizing up new machinery and maintaining winter oats

Gary Roe is back with his popular tillage diary. He's busy with winter oats and sizing up a new machinery purchase.

Tillage Farming: Upgrading the tractor

Gary Roe is thinking of upgrading his tractor but its harder than he thought.

Tillage Farming: Prices, Waiting, and Machinery

Gary Roe is back with the third instalment of his tillage farming diary. This week, we hear of how the tillage sector is left waiting once again:

Tillage farming: 2017 is up and running

Gary Roe writes on making a start for 2017 on his tillage farm in the first of a new series.