Poll: North - South Brexit poll

With talks derailed we want to know your thoughts on the future of Northern Ireland.

Creed is on the attack!

Minister Michael Creed has today slammed British Ministers for a lack of leadership shown in terms of Brexit.

Article 50: What's the worst case scenario for Irish farmers?

With Article 50 being triggered today, what will it mean for Irish farmers?

Breaking: Article 50 to be triggered next Wednesday: Brexit is officially happening

Teresa May has announced that Article 50 will be triggered next Wednesday.

May to visit Ireland today

British Prime Minister Teresa May is to travel to Dublin today to meet the Taosieach amid growing Brexit fears.

TF Podcast: Peter Geoghegan on Brexit Analysis

Journalist Peter Geoghegan joins us to provide insight into the latest updates on Brexit and Teresa May's speech last week.

DDAY: Brexit must go before UK Parliament Supreme court rules

A Supreme Court Ruling this morning has declared that Article 50 must go before the UK Parliament for enactment.

Teresa May says special relationship between Ireland and UK will remain

UK PM Teresa May has outlined her plans for a full Brexit from the EU but says the special relationship between Ireland and the UK will remain.

Editorial – Shut up and sell the meat

Editor John Connell weighs in on Brexit and how we need to stand on our own two feet.

Brexit and farming

British PM Teresa May has set the date for the beginning of Brexit but what does it mean for Irish farmers North and South?