WATCH: How can I reduce the risk of TB on my farm?

Cleanse and disinfect your handling and housing facilities

Approach Live Valuation scheme issues Criticised by IFA

The IFA have criticised the Departments approach to issues with the live valuation scheme in place.

Above Average Wicklow

According to new figure released by the Department of Agriculture, Wicklow county remains well above the national average for TB rates.

TB or not Tb that is the question

I take a look into the creature known as the "curse of farmers", the badger, and whether it holds the sole blame for the spread of TB.

TB eradication may require entire herd culls

As some cattle are silent vectors, TB eradication may require entire herd culls - Find out more here

UK badger cull targets set too low say experts

The UK have lowered their cull targets for badgers but its leading to some experts saying that it will risk increasing TB in cattle rather than reducing it.

Badger TB vaccine program to be stepped up

The Departments badger vaccine program is to be stepped up across 6 counties.