Macra calls for additional resources for TAMS II

Catastrophic that only half of the applications processed and approved by mid August 2016

Agritech - Local Company, Selling Worldwide

Video completed for Agritech to showcase their company at a Global Show

TAMS Delays Causing Severe Hardship and Disruption For Farmers

Frustration with TAMS scheme is reaching boiling point

Sheep Fencing Grant will be included in current TAMS

TAMS sheep fencing scheme will be available to apply for two weeks before the end of the current tranche on June 24th.

Farmer fury as further delays to TAMS approvals

Farmer fury as further delays to TAMS approvals and 'narrowing work window' raises health & safety concerns

Farmers being left in 'utterly invidious position' on TAMS

Six month delay in processing applications for one scheme and non-issue of cheques where work has been completed in Dairy Equipment Scheme

9 Months after TAMS II - Approvals still not made

TAMS approvals are still held up for 5,000 farmers