Talking Trade: First sales of 2019 attract small entries

Some managers said that their mart opened to a trade of uncertainty around the ring with prices struggling to remain at pre-Christmas levels.

Talking Trade: Trade holds strong for quality types

Many marts hosted their final sale of the year this week; quality lots meeting a firm trade while plainer types were more difficult to sell.

Talking Trade: Forward store heifers and bullocks in demand

Several managers reported increased farmer activity at marts this week; this led to a slight increase in the price of some cattle. Numbers continued to drop off.

Talking Trade: Larger entries with sharper type for quality types

Many mart managers reported larger entries of cattle this week - despite last week's drop-off in numbers - with more customers around the ring and a sharper trade prevailing for quality types.

Talking Trade: Decline in cattle numbers and quality

Trade has remained strong for quality bullocks and heifers, although cull cows are still under pressure.

Talking Trade: Sale sizes continue to decrease

Quality lots held firm, while plainer and lighter types remained difficult to sell. There is strong interest in quality suckler lots at present.

Talking Trade: Continental bullocks improve by €20-€60/head

The majority of mart managers reported slightly smaller sales this week, with a strong trade for suckler stock, although cull cows are under pressure.

Talking Trade: Entry numbers soar at cattle marts

Trade remained firm for quality types - Continental forward stores; however, plainer types were difficult to sell.

Talking Trade: Firm trade for quality lots

Demand remained strongest for forward types, as large entries of cattle went under the hammer again this week. Plainer types met with a tough trade.

Talking Trade: More customers present for plainer cattle

Large entries of cattle were reported across the majority of venues, with a firm trade for quality types. More farmers were present at the ringside.

Talking Trade: Cattle prices improve

The good weather and the harvesting of second and third-cut silage, injected more positivity into the cattle trade this week.

Talking Trade: Increased buyer activity at marts

A firm trade was reported for factory-fit and forward store bullocks and heifers. More farmer customers and feedlot purchasers were present.

Talking Trade: Steady trade for quality lots

Most purchasers continued to place an emphasis on quality, while plainer and lighter types remained difficult to sell.

Talking Trade: Improved demand for quality weanlings

Bullocks and heifers improved by €10-€30/head at some venues this week. Plainer types remained difficult to clear.

Talking Trade: Strong demand for quality and in-spec cattle

Sale sizes increased and a firm trade was reported for quality types but plainer and lighter entries were more difficult to sell.

Talking Trade: Improved trade for quality forward stores

Improved grass growth rates with more farmer customers. Quality was the main driver of price, as plainer lots were difficult to sell.