Wexford teacher brings the farm to school

"I’m after having about 40 or 50 schools ringing me about it."

VIDEO - Women in Ag: Meet Kirstie McAdoo, who helps runs a farm in the middle of Dublin city!

VIDEO: In this week's Women in Ag, we meet Kirstie McAdoo, a city girl now helping to run Airfield Estate Farm in Dublin.

Young Farmers Series: 3. Economic Sustainability

This week we look at economic sustainability and just what it takes to stay in the game.

Sunday Feature: Sustainable Agriculture is the Only Future

We are permanently changing the make-up of our planet - Climate Change is taking effect much sooner than expected! It's our Sunday Feature!

Will Chemicals reduce our Yield?

As agri-chemicals are used more and more, will this have an effect on our long-term output?

Are Vegetarians the Enemy of Farmers?

In this week's Sunday Feature, we take a closer look at how Ireland's agri-sector can survive in a changing world.