Sunday Feature: On the road with Ollie Keane

This week ThatsFarming were out with the owner and leading vet of the Cloghan Veterinary clinic Ollie Keane.

Sunday Feature : Milking Sheep - Is it a real alternative to Milking Cows?

We visited PJ Pollard in Kilkenny who is milking a flock of 170 sheep on his farm! Watch our latest video right here!

Sunday Feature: The Mountbellew Ag College Experience

This week as part of the Sunday Feature, we met some of the students at Mountbellew agricultural college.

Sunday Feature: Jimmy Canavan the Connemara Pony Breeder

This week's Sunday Feature, sees us meet a horse and pony breeder, Jimmy Canavan.

Sunday Feature: On the road with XL vet Conor Geraghty.

This week, we were on the road with Galway man and XL vet, Conor Geraghty.

Sunday Feature- Sheep Farming The Island Way with Sean O'Grady.

That's Farming headed out to Clare Island to meet Sean O'Grady to hear his sheep farming story.

Sunday Feature: Can we learn from the French labelling of Charolais Beef?

Stuart takes a look at how the French market Charolais beef and wonders can Ireland learn something from this.

Sunday Feature: Could Mercusor actually make us change our beef game for the better?

Stuart shares his thoughts on why Mercusor might actually force Irish beef farmers to adopt new methods. Its an interesting read for this week's Sunday Feature.

Sunday Feature: Having the pride without the diversity

Stuart discusses the positives surrounding the ploughing, it's effect on the food industry and the need for diversification in the food industry.

Sunday Feature: Minding your Mental Health

Ireland's farmers need to be strong inside and out. It’s OK not to feel OK; and it’s absolutely OK to ask for help.

Sunday Feature: Is the Water buffalo well suited to Ireland?

This week's Sunday Feature is a bit different but buffalo farming might just be the next big thing in Irish farming.

Sunday Feature: Is Dublin taking our best people?

With the CAO offers out, we ask is Dublin taking our best people from us and how can rural Ireland fight back to keep them.

Sunday Feature: We can save the Curlew and here is how!

In this week’s Sunday Feature, we look at one of Ireland’s most iconic birds; the Curlew.

Sunday Feature: The questionable future of the family farm

In this week’s Sunday Feature, fifth-generation farmer Catherina takes a look at the unknown future of the family farm.

Sunday Feature: The humble bee is making a recovery in the US and it’s a help for us all

In this week's Sunday Feature, we look at the welcoming increase of honeybee populations.

Sunday Feature: Is burning of uplands a model for sustainable farming

Sunday Feature: Destructive Fires reflect failed management of uplands but they could be a model for sustainable farming

Sunday Feature: Nitrogen is costing us all dearly

Tom Jordan takes a deep look at the role Nitrogen plays on our farms - It's Sunday feature time!

Sunday Feature: UN Human Rights Report - Agrochemicals undermining food security

Sunday Feature: UN Human Rights Report says agrochemicals are undermining food security. We must learn to farm without them, and soon.