VIDEO: Sun and silage

Sit back and enjoy as Adrian from the IFarm WeFarm YouTube channel makes silage on his dairy farm.

10 ways you can tell Summer is over

On this week’s 10 ways you can tell we look at different ways you can tell that summer is over.

10 ways you can tell its Irish summer on the farm

On this weeks "10 ways you can tell" we give 10 ways to tell its Irish Summer on the Farm!

Stylish Silage competition

An Tóstal Festival in co. Leitrim are holding a very unique type of competition, the stylish silage competition.

Sheep Guide: A guide to the summer months

On this week’s sheep guide we give you a checklist for sheep farming during the summer months.

10 ways you can tell you’re a farmer when its sunny

The last few days were just super and the sun put a smile on everyone’s face so this weeks 10 ways is a summer themed one (yes we know its only spring but sure we got excited!)