VIDEO: ‘It advises me that I should get rid of all my cows’ – suckler and sheep farmer

“I have built up a herd that I am proud of and meet the 4/5-star requirements for the BDGP.”

VIDEO: Salers-cross-Charolais ticking all the boxes for Mayo farmers

The Gibbons run a 25-cow suckler herd and sell all progeny as weanlings.

VIDEO: When is the ideal time to scan my suckler cows?

The main scan should take 5 weeks after the bull has been removed.

‘There is no doubt in my mind that there is a future for suckler farming in Ireland’

“My vision for the farm is to produce top-quality grass-fed cattle” – 21-year-old pedigree Limousin breeder and student-teacher

VIDEO: Producing E grade weanlings for Italian market on 70-cow suckler farm

50 cows calve from January to March, while a further 20 are autumn-calvers.

VIDEO: 60-cow suckler herd producing E grade weanlings for Italian market

Half of his cows are three-quarter-bred Limousins, while the rest are pedigrees.

Opinion: Ending the merry-go-round of suckler farming debates

“The balance of power as it currently stands is entirely skewed against the ordinary farmer.”

‘We need to improve export markets for weanlings and not rely as much on Irish beef factories’

"Irish farmers are not paid sufficiently for breeding quality cattle,” said Alan who exports 80% of his commercial weanlings.

Live exports are 'the way forward' for cattle and sheep industry - farmer

Kevin and Jason Comiskey run a suckler and sheep enterprise.

24-month-old calving a success for young suckler farmer

"Anyone that’s suckler farming, should stay at it if they can.”