‘Homebred heifers need to calf at 22-26 months otherwise, they become too expensive’ – Teagasc advisor

"The fact that these heifers are non-productive as 2-3-years-olds is the same as having a cow that does not have a calf." - Callaghan on delaying age at first calving to 36-months.

VIDEO: 80-suckler cow herd and tillage and forestry enterprise on 300-acres

He takes all progeny to finish and is not organic but is transitioning away from inputs.

‘I think dairy herds have become far too big’

The Kellehers milk 50 dairy cows and operate a 33-month-old calving system.

VIDEO: ‘It advises me that I should get rid of all my cows’ – suckler and sheep farmer

“I have built up a herd that I am proud of and meet the 4/5-star requirements for the BDGP.”

VIDEO: New ag minister asked to follow through on €200/head suckler cow payment motion

“Last year, I supported a motion put forward by the incoming minister where he proposed that farmers deserve at least €200 for a suckler cow.”

'Weaning should be a gradual process - never abrupt'

"The use of creep gates for forward grazing or introducing meal by creep feeding will help to break the bond between cow and calf prior to weaning.”

VIDEO: Salers-cross-Charolais ticking all the boxes for Mayo farmers

The Gibbons run a 25-cow suckler herd and sell all progeny as weanlings.

33-year-old beef farmer decides against jumping on dairying bandwagon

Robert Stanley runs a 35-40-cow herd and aims to produce top-quality suckler-bred cattle.

VIDEO: When is the ideal time to scan my suckler cows?

The main scan should take 5 weeks after the bull has been removed.

Running a 700-cow-calf ranch in North Dakota

20-year-old Mack Buckmier from North Dakota, has his own herd of Red Polls, Simmentals and SimAngus

‘There is no doubt in my mind that there is a future for suckler farming in Ireland’

“My vision for the farm is to produce top-quality grass-fed cattle” – 21-year-old pedigree Limousin breeder and student-teacher

VIDEO: Producing E grade weanlings for Italian market on 70-cow suckler farm

50 cows calve from January to March, while a further 20 are autumn-calvers.