Beef Update: Making silage and spreading slurry

“If the weather picks up, we will be cutting the hay as soon as possible.”

Beef Update: Culling cows and purchasing bull weanlings

Spreading slurry and fertiliser, dehorning calves, new mineral buckets, separating bullocks and more!

Beef Update: Closing off silage fields and spreading dung

Purchasing and dehorning calves, dosing cows, spreading fertiliser and preparing for ‘Silage 2019’.

Beef Update: A new machinery shed and purchasing calves

Spreading dung, dehorning calves, fixing fences, spreading fertiliser, closing off fields for silage and more!

Beef Update: Factory prices increase

Purchasing a new weighing scales, calving comes to a close, preparing for first-cut silage and more!

Beef Update: Sourcing recipient heifers and power-washing

The main purpose of going back to pedigree breeding is to produce our own stock bulls, writes Michael Danagher.