VIDEO: Checking sucklers using a drone

Gerry6420 flies his drone in rather windy conditions...

From a suckler enterprise in Cavan to an 800-cow dairy farm in New Zealand

23-year-old Sarah, a sustainable agriculture graduate, also worked on a 4,000-acre farm in the UK.

‘We need to improve export markets for weanlings and not rely as much on Irish beef factories’

"Irish farmers are not paid sufficiently for breeding quality cattle,” said Alan who exports 80% of his commercial weanlings.

100% AI and 9-week calving spread on 60-cow suckler farm

“We want a cow that is docile, calves every <365 days unassisted and rears a good calf that will be easy fleshing and kills out well.”

Encouraging the next generation of farmers

“Cillian and Aoife absolutely love farming and are outdoors in all types of weather." - Fiona Murphy, Co. Mayo.

6 things suckler farmers can relate to

You’re tired of people telling you to convert to an alternative enterprise such as dairy…

PHOTOS: Win this Limousin-cross-Simmental breeding heifer

“She is everything you look for in a cow with length, depth, shape and great colouration.”

‘I do believe there is a lingering stigma surrounding women working in large animal practice’

"We intend on continuing in suckler farming, despite the challenges.” - Adele (30), a vet nurse/accounts manager

Farming on 'pure sand' in Co. Donegal

"Where we are here in Donegal and all the way down the west coast is not suitable for anything other than cattle and sheep.”

‘Breeding pedigree Blues has a steep learning curve’

"There is no point in having a nice flashy animal around the place if she can’t walk."

How this 28-year-old ‘fell in love with farming all over again’

Ruth Parks farms a herd of pedigree Shorthorn cattle and works as a pharmacy dispensary assistant.