What impact does BEEP-S have on weaning calves?

The calf must have received meal for six weeks before it can be sold in order to comply with the scheme.

VIDEO: How this suckler farmer is reaping the rewards of top beef genetics

The Berkery family use 100% as part of their calf-to-weanling system.

Opinion: Time for 260 farmers with €1,000 each to develop suckler-beef brand

"We take control of our own destiny. We can control costs inside our farm gate but have no control for the price we get outside our gate."

Farmer Focus: Eamon McGarry

“I can be a perfectionist at times,” says Blonde breeder and AI technician, Eamon McGarry.

6 things suckler farmers can relate to

You’re tired of people telling you to convert to an alternative enterprise such as dairy…

‘I have no intention of changing or moving away from suckler farming’

“I am optimistic that the suckler sector will always last..." - 27-year-old Melvin Smith.

A suckler farming success story: AI, grassland management & data recording

“I started calving this year on February 2nd and finished at the start of April." Dr PJ O'Connor farms 20 sucklers and works for Grassland Agro.

'There are supports for farmers but the beef barons end up taking them at the end of the day'

"If suckler farming doesn’t get the right support in the near future, we’ll all be gone out of business.” - Ciaran farms 85 sucklers.

24-month-old calving is the aim for suckler farmer running 'tight ship'

"If you talk to anyone and they ask what you farm: you say ‘suckler cows’ and they immediately say it’s a waste of time."

Breeding is key to suckler success – young farmer

"If you breed good ones, then you’ll have some chance of survival at suckling I think." - John farms 90 sucklers

Young Farmer: Edward Roe

"They had 10,000 acres of tillage, it wasn’t a small farm" - The Offaly farmer worked in Canada

Feature: Mona O’Donoghue-Concannon

"I’m just an ordinary person doing a bit of farming, and I want to encourage more women to be out there"

“Only for the contracting business, we simply wouldn’t be suckler farming”

We sent a total of 22 bullocks to the factory this week and had to take a base price of €3.75/kg in comparison to a base price of €4.15 in 2017, writes Jamie Hayes.

Young Farmer: Meet David Howley, the 25-year-old, third generation, suckler farmer from Co. Galway.

This week, Kevin spoke to David Howley, a 26-year-old suckler farmer from Co. Galway.