'I am thankful that I can farm alongside my dad'

"We started farming again in 2007, quite unexpectedly, when mum came home one evening with eight Aberdeen Angus-cross-Friesian dropped calves,” explains 22-year-old Mena.

‘I am so excited to get out and get practicing as a vet’

22-year-old Leah says she “definitely took a roundabout way” to pursue her interest in veterinary medicine.

'I was going to study veterinary one way or another'

"I knew it was going to be a struggle to get the points with my dyslexia.” explains 23-year-old Julie, a UCD vet student.

A student who did not grow up on a farm chasing a veterinary dream

"I could never see myself working indoors all day every day."

‘I’m a girl whose head turns when they hear a tractor passing’

"By the end of my placement, I was a pro at fixing water troughs!” says 20-year-old Violet Ryan.

‘There is not enough profit to be made with a herd of 20 suckler cows’

Áine Corkery runs a suckler enterprise with her family and studies ag science at UCD.

'I purchased my first-ever calf at the mart for €80'

Rebecca Ryan and family farm 130 dairy cows and 330 beef cattle.

A vet student with a belief that ‘everything happens for a reason’

Holly O'Connell refused to give up on her childhood dream when her Leaving Certificate did not go to plan.

‘I had a desire to be a part of one of Ireland’s most exciting industries’

“I had first-hand experience of the dairy, beef and agribusiness industry from a young age.” Denis, a UCC food marketing and entrepreneurship student.

‘The future of Ireland’s food industry is bright and is something I want to be a part of’

UCC student, Jean McPolin, would like to travel overseas to experience the ways in which other countries produce, market, and sell their food produce.

Studying veterinary medicine in Bulgaria

“I always wanted to be a vet but didn’t get good grades at school" - 23-year-old suckler farmer

Studying an ag science degree and farming 500 breeding ewes

“Eventually, we will get to a stage where there isn’t a stigma around women in agriculture.” - Hannah (19)

‘I won’t deny that I had to prove myself twice to many farmers’

"No farmer questions my ability anymore." - Ciara Byers (19), dairy farmer and UCD ag student.

‘I think some farmers think a young girl like me couldn’t possibly be a vet student’

Suckler and sheep farmer, Michaela Doran (23), repeated the Leaving Cert to study veterinary at UCD.

‘I have a bug for farming’

“Even though suckler farming isn’t the most profitable enterprise, seeing your cows breed good calves is joyous.”

Studying veterinary nursing at UCD

“I did consider becoming a teacher at one stage" - Niamh Kennedy (21)

Student Focus: Siobhán Regan

Siobhán (28) - who studies Vet Med in Budapest - took the scenic route to her desired career path

Profile: Rachel O'Hanlon

'I am passionate about all things cows' - Rachel - a student, suckler farmer & truck enthusiast

Student Focus: Rebecca O’ Brien

'I actually am vegan' - Rebecca (24) - a Veterinary Medicine student at UCD.

Feature: Robert Gamble

‘My grandfather was the first person to bring Texels into Northern Ireland’ – Robert (22) runs a suckler & sheep enterprise with his father