Should there be an early slaughter premium?

At what stage does Irish ‘grass-fed’ lose its credentials? Are ‘grass-fed’ farming systems always all that they are claimed to be? – Read Stuart’s latest column here,

Stuart Says: Are cheap loans as mythical as cheap flights?

‘It is difficult enough to make farming pay and irrelevant debt will not help.There is, however, something wrong when it [credit] is deemed necessary within a farming system based in a developed economy.’

Stuart Says: Let’s think Imaginative Solutions for the 2018/19 winter

‘The Government and farming organisations should already be working to facilitate such forage partnerships. Many farmers are only thinking about where the next bale is coming from’. -Stuart is back.

Stuart Says: Ireland must specialise in being specialists

Just what horticultural produce can we grow in Ireland? 'Simply, thinking fruit and nuts just opens a whole new world of ideas.' - Stuart is back!

Stuart Says: Will farmers be left behind, again?

“It is time for a new strategic approach to farming and food as what we now have has passed its use-by date.” - Check out Stuart’s latest piece here!

Stuart Says: Lowering uncertainty involves investment

‘As a farming industry, we must ask ourselves if such weather was a freak occurrence or is it a sign of things to come’. Stuart Meikle is back with his regular column again this week.

Stuart Says: 'Family farming must become less reliant on off-farm incomes'

What options are available for those who want to embrace Farm/ Rural Diversification? Stuart reflects on chairing a highly dynamic panel of farmers who have established businesses on a small acreage.

Stuart Says: When Agri-Food does not mean Farming & Food

'We must think ‘from farm to fork to farmer’; it is the key to the future viability of ‘family farming’ where ever it is found.' Read Stuart's most recent piece here.