Opinion: ‘Labour was always a key issue for dairying’

The current labour problems have not come out of nowhere. If the dairy sector had been properly evaluated say five years before quotas were removed, they could have been factored in.

Stuart Says: Biofuels are not an ever-giving free lunch

‘Apparently, in our rush to switch to biofuels from fossil fuels, we seem to have failed to work out where the pathway leads.’ - Stuart Meikle.

Stuart Says: Grazing cattle - we are no longer circling the wagons!

"My expectation is that as society becomes more aware of our food systems, and we will, that Ireland’s laurel-sitting position will become distinctly uncomfortable." - Stuart Meikle.

Should there be an early slaughter premium?

At what stage does Irish ‘grass-fed’ lose its credentials? Are ‘grass-fed’ farming systems always all that they are claimed to be? – Read Stuart’s latest column here,

Are soils being forgotten in the sustainable food debate?

'If there is a universal panacea for our food systems, it lies within the way we now go about restoring the health and productivity of our soils.' - Check out Stuart's piece here.

Stuart Says: Steady as she goes, Mr Hogan

'A changed-down-the-line CAP must then be about payments to support the transition. It must be about grant-aiding change and not underpinning a new set of farming and food systems with direct payments.'

Stuart Says: Are cheap loans as mythical as cheap flights?

‘It is difficult enough to make farming pay and irrelevant debt will not help.There is, however, something wrong when it [credit] is deemed necessary within a farming system based in a developed economy.’

Stuart Says: Let’s think Imaginative Solutions for the 2018/19 winter

‘The Government and farming organisations should already be working to facilitate such forage partnerships. Many farmers are only thinking about where the next bale is coming from’. -Stuart is back.

Stuart Says: Will farmers be left behind, again?

“It is time for a new strategic approach to farming and food as what we now have has passed its use-by date.” - Check out Stuart’s latest piece here!

Stuart Says: It rains in Ireland more than we thought

'What I find bewildering is that there were not more people vocally questioning the dairy sectors expansion strategy.The tragedy is that the Irish industry has now heavily invested in commodity markets for which its farming base'- Stuart is back!

Stuart Says: Lowering uncertainty involves investment

‘As a farming industry, we must ask ourselves if such weather was a freak occurrence or is it a sign of things to come’. Stuart Meikle is back with his regular column again this week.

Stuart Says: When Agri-Food does not mean Farming & Food

'We must think ‘from farm to fork to farmer’; it is the key to the future viability of ‘family farming’ where ever it is found.' Read Stuart's most recent piece here.

Stuart Says: Has there ever been so much pressure on farmers from campaign groups?

Stuart is back and this week he is discussing how research can strength our campaigning voices, with a particular focus on the response from the farming community on veganism.

Stuart Says: 'We are choosing to sweep many Irish communities under a carpet of conifers'

Stuart is back with his regular opinion piece, this time he is discussing forestry plantations and weighing up some available options.