VIDEO: Silage 2020 – vintage style!

2 harvesters and 6 tractors in operation!

VIDEO: Joe Birmingham & DAD Agri-Services

Joe Birmingham's CLAASJaguar 950 picking silage alongside DAD Agri-Services.

Playlist: Silage season

Our editor, Catherina Cunnane, has selected 20 tunes to lift the Covid-19 blues!

VIDEO: Mowing grass at a rapid pace

"You should see the speed that we are going [at]"

VIDEO: Old school mowing with a 4240

Watch as silage 2020 kicks off on O'Brien farms

Ways you can tell you work for a contractor

They go into a state of hibernation for the winter months.

VIDEO: Mone unveils re-release of Hit the Diff

Listen to the 2020 version here!

VIDEO: Clancy Bros - Silage 2020

Silage 2020 is in full swing for this contracting firm!

VIDEO: Walsh Agri

One of Ireland’s first Kuhn Merge Maxx 950 merging up to 60 foot at a time, keeping ahead of their new John Deere 9700i Harvester.

An EASYFIX for your silage pit

Choose silage pit bags instead of tyres and a plastic cover to save hard-earned money.

VIDEO: Preparing for 'Silage 2020'

Gerry is washing the shed and silage base.

VIDEO: 'Silage 2020' in the south

Have you taken a cut of silage this year?