VIDEO: Brady Plant Hire

See its fleet in action during 'Silage 2020'!

VIDEO: Over 600 bales made during 18-hour workday

"I absolutely love working at night," says Farmer Phil.

VIDEO: Mowing second-cut silage

A CaseIH MXU115 with a Kverneland 2828 M in action!

VIDEO: Covering a silage pit with 1 tractor and 3 people

"My ma, my da, and I cover our silage pit with tyres with help from the trusty Same Explorer 90."

VIDEO: ‘Get me diesel quick’ – Mone

Ford 8210 at ‘Silage 2020’!

VIDEO: Sister and brother baling team

"My sister is on the 3075 and CLAAS rake and I'm on the 6499 and the Fusion 2."

VIDEO: Lifting silage with a JF900

Follow Gerry through the day as he gets the silage in!

VIDEO: Sun and silage

Sit back and enjoy as Adrian from the IFarm WeFarm YouTube channel makes silage on his dairy farm.

Produce tighter, more compact bales by making one small change

"Silage preserves better, bales are easier to handle and less subject to damage when they are moved."

Poll: Has recent weather impacted your silage yield?

Have your say in our most recent poll!

VIDEO: Mowing silage - will all go to plan?

Gerry is enlisting the help of a 6930 with the Kverneland 4328 trailed mower and 6420s with the mounted 3124 Kverneland.

Things you won’t hear ag contractors say

It's 5 o'clock, we better finish up for the day!