VIDEO: Opening the silage clamp in September

“Will it be good stuff to feed the cattle or will the rain have ruined it?” asks Pemberton

VIDEO: Covering a 36,800t silage pit

The pit was 230 ft wide by ~400ft long.

VIDEO: Rare Muir-Hill tractor

Old-school silage 2020!

VIDEO: Old-school style silage

Making pit silage at Brogan Farms.

VIDEO: ‘It is a very big silage mountain’

"I don't draw silage, not that I couldn't, but I don't have much interest in it," says Anna Truesdale.

VIDEO: Crows destroy Pemberton’s silage bales

“These bales have been wrapped for around 22-months.”

VIDEO: Massey and McHale power for silage season

M & J Dunning’s fleet in action!

VIDEO: Over 600 bales made during 18-hour workday

"I absolutely love working at night," says Farmer Phil.

VIDEO: Mowing second-cut silage

A CaseIH MXU115 with a Kverneland 2828 M in action!

VIDEO: Covering a silage pit with 1 tractor and 3 people

"My ma, my da, and I cover our silage pit with tyres with help from the trusty Same Explorer 90."

VIDEO: Can the 1455 make the JF sing?

“Ask any grass fan what the sound of silage is and they will probably say the hum of a JF harvester”

VIDEO: Cut the Grass (remix)

One to add to your silage playlist!