Lamb back €6-€7/head at Blessington

Fat ewes were easier by €5/head, according to a mart spokesperson.

Pictures and prices: Trade 'slightly back' at Dowra

Cull ewes reached €130.50, while spring lambs topped out at €134.50.

Prices back €5-€10/head at Kilkenny

Lambs peaked at €133 while cull ewes reached €130

Headford Mart returns after 8-week closure

Bullocks made up to €3.32/kg in the online sale.

Spring lambs reach €134/head at Blessington

Ewes with lambs at foot ranged between €140-€230/head.

Larger entry of sheep on offer at Roscommon

Ewes with lambs at foot made up to €260/head.

'Sharper trade' for all lots at Kilkenny

There was a top call for lambs of €144/head.

Spring lambs up by €2-€4/head at Blessington

Ewes with lambs at foot made between €140 and €230/head.

Spring lambs reach €133 at Roscommon

Stag ewes fetched between €82-€130/head

Spring lambs down €4-€6/head at Kilkenny

Prices remained strong in the cull ewe market, according to George Candler.

Good demand for hogget ewes at Mountbellew

Spring lambs made up to €168/head.

QUIZ: Test your sheep pricing skills

Will anyone manage to get 8/8?

QUIZ: Test your sheep price knowledge

Only the best of the bunch will get 8/8

€161 for ewe hoggets at Blessington

Trade remained ”largely unchanged” from last week, according to a spokesperson.

Hoggets back €5/hd at Blessington

Trade remained steady for all other classes, according to a spokesperson.