Sheep Opinion – The problem of out of control dogs

Every week, month, year, there is a story about dogs attacking sheep. What are the laws and where do you stand as a flock owner?

Sheep opinion: lots of ups and downs in prices.

This weeks sheep opinion with Eamon Healy.

Sheep Opinion With Eamonn Healy

This week Eamonn talks about the pain of late lambing ewes among farmers.

Sheep Opinion: Weather becoming a problem for Eamon!

Eamon Healy is back this week with a small bit of a complaint! Check out his piece here:

Sheep Opinion: No time for passengers!

When you have small flocks, you cannot afford to be carrying any passengers!!

Sheep Opinion: Have you heard of C Ovis in Sheep?

One issue on Irish sheep farms that is costing the sheep industry a significant amount of money is on the rise. This is known as 'Cysticercus Ovis'

Sheep Opinion: Feeding, Prolapses and Bursting Ewes

Eamon Healy is back this week with his Sheep Opinion and this week, he is dealing with Feeding, Prolapses and Bursting Ewes!

Sheep Opinion: Grassland Management is Essential for Farm Profitability

With farm incomes under constant pressure, there has never been a time more important for trying to maximise output and efficiency on our farms

Pet lambs: Economically viable or over-rated hobby?

While lambing well underway at this stage, Eamon Healy poses the question, what is to be done with the excess lambs on the farm?

Sheep Opinion – Sheep’s Life Ambition, 'to break out'

Eamon has been busy on his farm this week getting prepared for the arrival of more lambs

Sheep Opinion: : Foxes Feast On New Born Lambs

The old enemy is back this week as Eamon talks about the timeless problem of foxes and lambs.

Sheep Opinion: “The sooner the better” when introducing meal to lambs.

Eamon is enjoying his new born lambs but he's thinking of getting them on the meal as soon as possible to improve growth and condition chances.

Sheep Opinion: Lambing Through the Eyes of a Townie

Eamon had an interesting week showing some townies how to lamb down!

Sheep Opinion: Pulling the wool over the ewe's eyes

Eamon is busy on his second batch of lambing and he's using every trick in the book to get spare lambs paired off with foster ewes.

Sheep Opinion: Roll on lambing 2017!

Eamon Healy is getting ready for lambing 2017 its gonna be busy!