Sheep Guide- Tips for handling your sheep

On the latest installment of ‘Sheep Guide’, the focus has shifted to handling your flock and what negative impacts bad handling may have. Continue Reading below.

Sheep Guide - Nematodirosis, the causes and how to prevent it

With lambing season in full swing, the tips continue as part of our Weekly Sheep guide. This week, we focus on the severe disease which often results in the death of young lambs, Nematodirosis.

Sheep Guide - Lambing: Health issues and problems

Lambs can succumb to many different ailments after the birthing process, but are you doing all you can to prevent them? What should you look out for? Find out below on this week's Sheep Guide!

Sheep Guide - CIDR's, St. Croix teaser rams, sourcing haylage and much more.

Matthew discusses the adventures of his US trip, telling us all about the sheep farm at the Purdue Animal Sciences Research Farm. Matthew also updates us on the farm back in Ireland. Read about his escapades this week below.

Sheep Guide - Topping sales, sponging, tipping prep and more.

Philip's ram tops the sale at the Big Boy Ram Sale, while Philip also discusses the benefits of breeding blues and his method of sponging them, which he will carry out over the coming week. Read more below.

Sheep Guide - Trip to the US, export trade, second cuts, grass growth and more.

Grass growth picks up this week, with second cut silage taken and slurry and fertilisers spread. Also discussed is sponging, the export trade, the current rush to get straw, bedding options, an educational trip to the US and show preparation.

Sheep Guide - Sponging, Synchronization and borrowing rams

On this week's Sheep Guide, Matthew talks sponging, synchronization, borrowing rams and breeding in general.

Sheep Guide - Sheep 2018, fencing and further calls for rain

A trip to Sheep 2018 where an abundance of information was taken in, Fences replaced and further calls for rain. A busy week on the farm this week, find out what happened below.

Sheep Guide - Sheep 2018, maggots, scarce growth and rain dances!

This week some of our farmers look forward to Sheep 2018 in Athenry and upcoming shows, while the battle for grass is firming up and preparation underway to gather the flock. Also a few cases of maggots and some sheep sold. Read more below.

Sheep Guide - A trip to Holland, dosing, sheep clicked and sale prep.

This week, there is dosing, worming and sale preparations, while Philip takes in a trip to Holland, whilst searching for the perfect Blue Texel ram. Did he achieve his primary objective? Find out below.

Sheep Guide - NSBA Championships, boluses, Clipping, worm drench and more.

Another busy week on the farm of our contributors, with show championships coming up, clipping, sheep drenched for worms and boluses. Read all about the events this week below.

Sheep Guide - Finishing lambs, show prep, fly strike, cull ewe lambs and more!

What’s happening on the farms this week? Finishing lambs, show prep, haylage, picking culls, Pour on treatments for flystrike and much more! Read it all below!

Sheep Guide - Registrations, commonage issues, weaning, show prep and silage!

An eventful week this week, with show preparation in full swing, EID tagging, registrations, hill walkers disturbing flocks, sheep returned to commonage lands, new tractors purchased, weaning and more. Read it all below in this week’s Sheep guide.

Sheep Guide - Shearing and prep for show season!

Some sheep shorn this week, with replacements chosen and lambs chosen for showing this year. Halter training beginnining also, on this weeks sheep guide!