Farmer’s Diary: So much wool! What am I going to do?

Conditions are perfect to try-out a natural method of washing the raw wool that I have been researching called the suint fermentation method, writes Clodagh Hughes.

'I always wanted to be a farmer'

“My plan was always to go sheep farming. I made that clear from day 1 when I came home that this is what I want to do.”

VIDEO: Sheep farming on Inishturk Island

Caroline Keane spoke to Eamon Heanue, a sheep farmer on the island of Inishturk, about life on the island and the farming practises he implements.

Farmer's Diary: I was glad to see the rain

Grass growth has noticeably slowed down in the last week, writes Edward Earle.

'Once we went with Charollais, we never looked back'

“I never would have seen myself getting into pedigree breeding, but we said we would give it a try."

Farmer's Diary: A shearing we shall go!

It’ll cost way more to shear the sheep than their actual fleece is worth, writes Clodagh Hughes.

Farmer's Diary: 'Shearing was different this year with COVID-19'

The most disappointing part of shearing this year is the price of wool, writes Edward Earle.

Shearing 40,000 sheep per year

James O'Connor farms 100 Lanark ewes in West Kerry.

Farmer’s Diary: 'There are no 2 days the same in farming!'

Some losses in farming are expected and you must be able to deal with them or you will never carry on, writes Clodagh Hughes.

‘In the case of sheep…bigger is better, if you want to make a living from it’

The only sensible solution is to get more sheep, writes Clodagh Hughes.

Farming a large-scale beef and sheep enterprise

Young farmer, Eoin Kelly, will lamb 750 ewes this year on his mixed farm.

Farmer's Diary: Greetings from the sheep shed

This means less workload for me and VERY importantly, less expense on my pocket, writes Clodagh Hughes.

A full night’s sleep and a recharge of batteries after Lambing 2020

We were fortunate that we caught it early as most times, the first sign of pneumonia in young lambs is a dead lamb, writes Edward Earle.