Farmer Focus: Baunskeha Flock

Joe Forristal & Keelin Walsh farm Mules, Easycare, Suffolk, Cheviot, Charollais & Charmoise sheep in Kilkenny. Joe – who works in the tech industry – has developed a system to monitor flock performance.

Video: Feeding in-lamb ewes

John Morahan, Co. Mayo and Tomas Quinn, Co. Longford discuss the management of ewe nutrition.

Farmer Focus: Coorevin Farm

Padraig Moran runs a 70-cow suckler herd and sheep enterprise in Co. Tipperary. He has also opened his farm to second and third-level Agricultural Science students.

Lleyn Production - FecX g

We have a “pedigree” selection tradition biased in favour of the “Show Animal”/terminal traits, both in cattle and sheep, writes Professor Jim Mason.

Women in Ag: Niamh Seoighe

Niamh Seoighe once considered a career in Irish and Media, but the 25-year-old was drawn back to her strong hill sheep farming roots and studied Agri-Business.

Farmer Focus: Christopher Kerr

Three generations of the Kerr family are involved in the operation of a 300-ewe flock in Co. Monaghan. The trio breed high-end sheep & bring some of the progeny through to slaughter, by feeding typhon.