Poll: Should a scheme similar to the BEEP be introduced to sheep farmers?

John Brooks - ICSA believes that a bolt-on action or menu of actions similar to the BEEP scheme should be introduced under the Sheep Welfare Scheme.

Photos: The winners at Royal Ulster Premier Beef & Lamb Championships

Photos: Who took home the silverware at the recent The Royal Ulster Premier Beef & Lamb Championships? - see the entire gallery here.

Weird Sheep Breeds - The Norfolk Horn

One of the UK’s oldest surviving breeds, the Norfolk Horn sheep is also among the UK’s rarest breed and was used in the creation of the Suffolk breed. Read all about the breed below.

Young Farmer - John Ryan

The son of a former dairy farmer, John Ryan is now rearing Suckler cows and sheep on the family farm near Balla in Co. Mayo. Read his story below.

Weird Sheep Breeds - The Wiltshire Horn Sheep

A domestic breed of sheep raised primarily for meat production and with lambs that reach slaughter weight at just 16 weeks old, the Wiltshire Horn is this week’s featured breed. Read all about them below.

Weird Sheep Breeds - Karakul Sheep

A multi-purpose breed raised in Central Asia since 1,400 B.C., the Karakul are among the rarest breeds in the world.

Young Farmer - Luna Orifiamma

Luna is a sheep farmer who once farmed in the tough terrain that is the Mezzogiorno in Italy. She now farms in Cavan where she runs her own sheep enterprise. Read her story in full below!

Weird Sheep Breeds - Ouessant Sheep

A domestic breed hailing from France, the Ouessant breed is said to be among the world’s rarest and smallest breeds. Read all about them below.

Weird Sheep Breeds - Shetland sheep

A domestic breed of sheep native to Scotland, the Shetland sheep are raised for their very fine wools, while they are also raised on occasion for meat production. Learn all about the Shetland sheep breed below.

Weird Sheep - The Boreray

One of the UK’s rarest and smallest breeds, with less than 900 breeding ewes remaining, the Boreray tend to reach only 55cms tall. Read all about the breed in this week’s Weird Sheep feature below.