Farmer Focus: Sligo Salers

"I have about 70 pedigree cows and about 15 extra heifers calving this year"

Farmer Focus: Kilglass Salers and Boro Angus

“To make money from farming, I find the three most important things to invest money in on the farm are genetics, grass and infrastructure" - Paul Moriarty

Farmer Focus: Brownhall Salers

James McGroarty established Brownhall Salers in 1999 and he has purchased several high-ending breeding animals from France. He has sold stock throughout Ireland; Wales and France.

Female-side breeding - a commercial necessity

French cattle (and sheep) are more productive by a commercially crucial 10 – 15%. Meal costs for Salers, €0.33/kg live weight are by some way, the lowest of French breeds, writes Professor Jim Mason.