Weanling bulls reach €3.38/kg at Roscommon

A mart spokesperson reported that there was a 'brisk trade' for heifers

Larger entry of sheep on offer at Roscommon

Ewes with lambs at foot made up to €260/head.

Heifers earn up to €2.81/kg at Roscommon

Buyers made their bids both at home and on-site after viewing the stock before the sale commenced.

Spring lambs reach €133 at Roscommon

Stag ewes fetched between €82-€130/head

Up to €3.30/kg at Roscommon’s first online weanling sale

Customers viewed the stock before the sale and went online to bid, both at home and on-site

Roscommon Mart holds first online sale of bullocks

“There was a strong trade for all lots with prices averaging from €2.32 per kilo up to €3.30 per kilo with plenty of online bidders."

€5.35/kg for weanling heifer at Roscommon

The first-prize-winning heifer, which weighed 340kgs, sold for €1,820.

Brisk trade for cattle at Roscommon

Dry cows made from €1.66-€2.08/kg, heifers sold from €2.24-€2.92/kg and bullocks ranged from €2.23-€2.47/kg.

'Brisk' trade with majority of lots sold at Roscommon

"Once again, there were plenty of customers in attendance all actively sourcing stock.”

Brisk trade at Roscommon’s second sale of 2020

“A good demand for all stock with the majority of lots getting sold.”

Bullocks up €45-€50/head at Roscommon

“There were good numbers of customers in attendance actively sourcing stock," - Quigley

Steady trade for all classes at Roscommon

“There was a good attendance of customers with a mix of farmers and agents anxious for stock"

'Lively' trade for heifers at Roscommon

“There was a good selection of breeding heifers on offer with lots making up to €1,710"

'Brisk' trade for quality bullocks at Roscommon

“Prices improved from the previous special sale" - Quigley

'Brisk' trade for heifers at Roscommon

"A brisk trade for heifers with plenty of customers in attendance which resulted in a very high clearance of lots" - Quigley

Lesser-type lots ‘more difficult to clear’ at Roscommon

“There was a huge entry of top-quality stock on offer at last Friday’s sale” – Quigley