Farmers active at Roscommon Mart’s 60th anniversary sale

“With the continued good grass growth, farmers were actively sourcing stock resulting in a good clearance of lots.”

Bullocks reach €1,075 over at Roscommon

“There was a good demand for stock with a high clearance of lots.”

Dry cows reach €1,865 at Roscommon

A brisk trade led to a high clearance of lots

Heifers sell to €1,160 over at Roscommon

“There was a good sized sale again with excellent stock on offer.”

Trade holds firm at Roscommon

Bullocks sold from €2.32-€2.89/kg, heifers made from €2.17-€2.43/kg and dry cows pushed from €1.74-€2.40/kg.

Heifers climb to €1,015 over at Roscommon

“A brisk trade all-round with plenty of customers actively sourcing cattle resulting in a very high clearance of lots.” - Maura Quigley

Heifers sell to €940 over the kg at Roscommon

Bullocks met with a steady trade, while there was a firm trade for heifers.

Bullocks made up to €1,013 over the kg at Roscommon

There was a brisk trade for all stock with a strong demand, in particular, for bullocks from the large number of customers present, according to Maura Quigley.

Heifers sell to €4.06/kg at Roscommon

Pictures: “There was an electric trade for Heifers with prices ranging from €2.64-€4.06/kg. The trade for quality bulls was solid with good prices achieved, in particular, for the lighter-type animal”

Bullocks top out at €820 over at Roscommon

“There were better numbers on offer on Friday, with prices holding well and a good clearance of lots” – Maura Quigley