VIDEO: Robotic milking and automatic feeding system on 45-cow farm

"Information is king – it is what drives you to make efficient decisions.”

VIDEO: Meet the sisters who quit their jobs to farm

“We would have never gone into dairy farming if it wasn't for the automatic milking system.”

Milking 60 cows on 65 hectares

Leon Brennan recently installed a robotic milking system on his farm in Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny.

VIDEO: Milking 60 cows in South Korea

The herd is producing 200kg of milk solids per day through a Lely robotic milking system.

VIDEO: A day in the life of a farmer running a robotic milking system

"This is just an honest opinion from a young farmer, enthusiastic about his system."

Farmer's Diary: Moving back from robotics to a conventional parlour

David McNamee works in a 126 cow high-input, indoor system.

VIDEO: A 10-robot farm

"You can ask yourself - ‘Why choose a robot?’, and we chose it because we believe that automatic milking is the future.”

VIDEO: Running a 600-cow dairy farm in Australia

"The main reason for choosing a robotic system was labour."

New entrant with 1 robot and Fleckvieh cows

They use 60-acres of miscanthus as bedding for their cows.

VIDEO: One of the world’s first hybrid barns

He has incorporated grazing and a barn system to keep cows under the roof during unfavourable weather.

Producing over 2.3m litres of milk with 2 labour units

Cows are producing a 305-day average of 11,300 litres at 4.01% butterfat and 3.28% protein