Out-of-spec cattle a hard sell at Raphoe

Quality in-spec cattle were the most in-demand, according to Harkin

In-spec cattle are the top-sellers at Raphoe

Plainer lots and bulls remain difficult to sell - Harkin

Improved trade for plainer-type heifers at Raphoe

“Plainer types and bulls were more difficult to sell.” – Harkin

Out-of-spec cattle difficult to sell at Raphoe

"Plenty of competition around the ring with farmers, agents and feedlot buyers all present" - Harkin

Farmers, agents and feedlot buyers active at Raphoe

“Some excellent quality cattle on offer but overall quality average was back"

Farmers active for Angus-cross cattle at Raphoe

Farmers, agents and feedlot buyers competed.

In-spec cattle in demand at Raphoe

"Plainer cattle were also up in price" - Harkin

'Plainer cattle and bulls the most difficult to sell' at Raphoe

“Still plenty of buyers present and mostly looking for quality in-spec cattle which are still a great trade."

‘Brisk bidding’ for quality in-spec cattle at Raphoe

Farmers, agents and feedlot buyers were present, according to Harkin

‘Buyers are looking for quality in-spec cattle’

'More quality cattle on offer meant more brisk bidding around the ring'

‘Wet weather has forced more cattle out for sale’

'Trade for bulls and plain cattle remains difficult while good-quality, lighter cattle are much easier sold'

Trade improves at Raphoe

‘Farmers, agents and feedlot buyers were all in competition to purchase cattle’

Good demand for quality in-spec cattle at Raphoe

'Grass farmers are anxious to purchase in-spec cattle'

More farmers and agents active at Raphoe

More customers were present to purchase quality sheep, while quality cattle sold well.

More buyers for heifers at Raphoe

‘Plain cattle remain hard to sell’

Tougher trade for plainer types at Raphoe

Forward-store heifers met with strong demand with up to €840 over the kg recorded.

Fat cows reached €1520/head at Raphoe

Bullocks sold to a top of €770 over while heifers achieved €730 over