Pulling Pork - Yorkshire pigs

A breed first developed in the UK in the 1760’s, Yorkshire pigs are now the most popular breed in the US. A large breed, Yorkshire pigs can weigh as much as 340kgs. Read all about the breed below.

Pulling Pork - The Wuzhishan

A breed of pig so rare that there are as little as 30 specimens remaining in existence, the Wuzhishan is a breed raised only in the Hainan Province of China.

Pulling Pork - The British Lop

This week’s featured pig breed is one which is now rarer than the giant panda, the British Lop. Read all about the breed below.

Talbot Hotel Pork was foreign but group say they did not advertise it as Irish

The Talbot Hotel have been in contact with us about the fake food story to put across their side of the story and new light has been thrown upon the facts.

Organic Farming: Bernadine and James, the Organic B&B!

At Coolanowle House, food is produced and processed by Bernadine and James, then fed to their many B&B guests while keeping prices fair for fellow farmers: