Poll: Should beef farmers stop rearing dairy-bred calves?

Pearse Kelly- Teagasc has said a dairy farmer would need to pay a beef farmer €140 on top of a Jersey-cross calf to finish him as a 24-month steer at current beef prices.

Poll: Should farms that have achieved Negative Herd Status continue to test for BVD?

“Farmers who have never had a BVD positive test result in their calves are fed up with a scheme that has gone on for seven years” – ICSA

Poll: Should suckler farmers receive a payment if their heifer calves before 30-months?

ICSA is proposing a payment of €80/calved suckler herd provided that they calve before 30-months. “It reduces the amount of dry heifers walking around a farm that are unproductive"

Results: Positive reaction to peer-to-peer farm safety learning initiative

70% of poll respondents said that the IFA's peer-to-peer farm safety learning initiative would encourage them to undertake practical measures to reduce risks on their farm.

Poll: Will you make farm safety a priority for 2019?

The IFA announced details of its peer-to-peer farm safety learning initiative this week, while the HSA said that farmers are nine times more likely to be killed at work than any other profession.

Poll: Are you in favour of the newly proposed speeding laws?

The highest fines will be applied to those who exceed the speed limit the most, Minister Ross outlined.

Poll: Should a scheme similar to the BEEP be introduced to sheep farmers?

John Brooks - ICSA believes that a bolt-on action or menu of actions similar to the BEEP scheme should be introduced under the Sheep Welfare Scheme.

Poll: Is a stand-alone safety body needed for the agricultural sector?

Senator Paul Daly launched the Farm Safety Agency Bill 2018 earlier this week.